Safety always comes first in the food industry. At FoodMeritt, we are committed to maintain the highest levels of HACCP growing, handling, packaging and shipping, which takes consistent training, discipline and an eye toward the future.

Our commitment to quality is based on three pillars:
--Vertical Integration: we provide clean, safe raw materials upstream of the supply chain
--State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Testing: we address specific food safety issues for all ingredients through continuous inspections and tests
--Sophisticated Supply Chain Management: we are dedicated to provide consistent, safe management of supplies and complete customer following- up service

--Impeccable Systems, Transparency, Checks and Balances. For us, these are not just watch-words but our most serious promise to customers and consumers. As the industry becomes more discerning, our focus is on full traceability. This requires continual 
--Investment in optimal traceability systems to monitor and track products throughout the supply chain
--Management of risk to control costs and offer competitive price
Strengthening of process controls of supplies and complete customer following- up service.
--Optimizing of training procedures

We are also investing in agricultural sustainability programs that address today's most important environmental and health issues. Beyond simply complying with regulations and requirements, we are committed to being a leader in GAP. We are focused on tightly controlling and monitoring all agricultural components. Through our dedicated research and development efforts, we are driving toward better irrigation systems and production capabilities in the field.